X-Enterprise 9900 – Dual-SIM Secure & Encrypted Smartphone

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X-Enterprise 9900 makes use of the X-Enterprise OS (Operating System), which is the most flexible and productive solution for mobile security.

X-Enterprise OS is a secure operating system with a separate encrypted partition. Which can be used as a common smartphone, via its enhanced Android interface where regular Android applications (via Google PlayStore) can be installed and operated.

The moment a user needs its privacy, it may open the encrypted partition named X-Crypt. Once opened, the user gets access to a secure compartment where X-Enterprise secure applications are located.

X-Enterprise 9900
Most user-friendly secure and encrypted smartphone

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Product Description

X-Enterprise 9900 – Safe and Sleek Encrypted Smartphone

With a 256-bit (AES) encryption, the X-Enterprise 9900 is the most secure and private smartphone there is. This safety is powered by the “X-Enterprise OS” operating system, inclusive the secure X-Enterprise mobile software application. The statement: “For your eyes only” fits perfectly with this mobile phone, which can be used within governmental offices, small-, medium- and large enterprises and other organizations.


High End Secure & Encrypted Smartphone

The X-Enterprise 9900 is outfitted with an extremely powerful and reliable 1.7Ghz, 64-bit octa-core 4G LTE processor, meaning this processor has eight cores. Engineered for high-end performance with an astonishing low power consumption and efficient compatibility for legacy 32-bit applications. The X-Enterprise 9900 enables you to make use of an Ultra HD video play or to use the most advanced regular Android and/or encrypted applications, for the highest requirements.


Most Stylish Encrypted Smartphone

Due to the large 5.0inch display, great smooth lines and fine curves, this smartphone has a real design appearance, as you might aspect from X-Systems devices. The character is durable, due to the use of the good quality materials. This all  to ensure “The Professionals” to use this smartphone within a range of different missions and environments.


Available in Two Luxury Colours

Next to the secure and private side of this smartphone, it is also available in different colours. We understand that not every smartphone has to be black, as not everyone prefers this. This it he reason why it is available in two colours: stylish black with silver and pearl white with gold. Both versions give a great luxury appearance.


X-Enterprise High-End Data Protection

X-Enterprise software solution and application is encrypted with 256-bits AES encryption to secure and protect all your important data and information on your smartphone.

  • X-Enterprise OS: secure and private operating system
  • X-Crypt: Separate (second) 256-bit AES encrypted partition
  • X-Communications: secure end-to-end messaging and VoIP talks
  • X-Storage Mobile: ultra-secure data storage for Mobile
  • X-Storage PC +: ultra-secure data storage for PC and Mobile
  • X-World: Secure VPN World Connections
  • X-Device: secure privacy device management


Dual-SIM Encrypted Smartphone

The dual-SIM function on the X-Enterprise 9900 smartphone provides the user with additional benefits. The dual-SIM function makes it able to put two different SIM-cards in the smartphone, so you are able to swich between two different network providers. This enables users to switch between government, local and abroad network providers.


Amazing HD Camera

This X-Enterprise 9900 has an amazing Sony stack multilayer 13.0 Mega Pixel camera (CMOS Exmor RS IMX214), it has functions like Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face- and smile detection, image stabilization and ofcourse HDR. The HDR imaging function is one of the effective methods to improve picture quality, that’s why this X-Enterprise device is equipped with the latest Sony featuring SME-HDR technology. The SME-HDR allows you to capture clear and bright 13 Mega Pixel HDR images. The technology sets two different exposure conditions during shooting and seamlessly performs appropriate image processing to generate optimal images with a wide dynamic range. Therefore, the X-Enterprise 9900 has an output of 13 Mega Pixels HDR at 30 frame/s. That ensures brilliant colors even when pictures are taken against bright light for both photo and 1080p video imaging.


Dark-Display Movement

The X-Enterprise 9900 offers also an unique Dark-Display movement. It allows you to control the smartphone, while it is locked. For example: you can start flashlight and control applications. If you add Smart Wake on your phone, you can draw a “C” on the locked screen and your camera app will open instantly. It offers a few letters, which you can draw on the display, to instantly open a regular Android application for quick actions when needed.


Quick Encrypted Fingerprint Access

With the fingerprint reader, – which is located at the rear-center of the smartphone – , it is highly accurate and can be used to unlock the encrypted smartphone by accessing directly to X-Enterprise OS enhanced Android interface. Yet, the fingerprint reader may not work due wet or dusty fingers, the X-Enterprise 9900 is also accessibly by its encrypted password.


The main functionalities of the encrypted software

X-Enterprise OS
X-Enterprise OS is a secure operating system with a separate (256-bit AES) encrypted partition, and can be used as a common smartphone via its enhanced Android interface.


X-Crypt provides access to a secure partition where X-Enterprise secure applications are located, and where business & governmental apps can be installed.


X-Device is the ultimate privacy and smartphone security application, which can modify (disable / enable) the devices hardware roots and functionalities.


X-Communication is a secure zero-knowledge end-to-end communication platform for secure Text messaging, VoIP-talks and Data-transfers, with zero-storage servers in Switzerland.


X-Storage is an ultra-secure local encrypted storage application, which may run on Smartphones, PCs and Laptops and can be connected to third-party Cloud and MDM solutions.


X-World VPN
X-World VPN provides users with end-to-end secure and encrypted VPN connections throughout the globe for secure wireless connections.






De X-Enterprise 9900 4G is available in 1) Stylish Black with Silver + 2) Pearl White with Gold. Both versions give a great luxury appearance. Please note your requested colour after your order.

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Additional Information


4G Dual-Sim Secure & Encrypted Smartphone – including X-Enterprise OS & X-Crypt



• Operating System:

X-Enterprise OS
Enhanced secure Android 5.1

• Encryption:

Separate encrypted partition: X-Crypt
256-bit secure partition

• Processor:

Octa-Core,1.3GHz CPU
High performance eight-core processor

• Display:

5.0 Inch Full-HD Screen • Protective Glass • Support 5 point touch

• SD:

Micro-SD up to 32GB

• RAM:

3 GB RAM + Octa-Core processor

• ROM:

16 GB ROM + Octa-Core processor

• Connection:

4G LTE + 3G + 2G
850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz , 2100MHz , 2600MHz

• Dual Sim:

4G LTE + 3G + 2G • Dual Micro-SIM
850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz , 2100MHz , 2600MHz

• Camera rear:

13.0 HD Mega pixel

• Camera front:

8.0 Mega pixel

• Bluetooth:

4.0 Bluetooth
+ NFC functionality


802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

• Network:

Downlink 150 Mbps, Uplink 40Mbps

• USB:

3.5mm, Micro-USB
5PIN, USB On-the-go, USB Host

• Battery:

2600mAh lithium battery

• Standby time:

up to 7 days

• Working time:

36 hours

• Charging input:

240V AC output: 5V DC

• Delivery:

About 2 to 3 weeks

• Languages:

Dansk, Deutsch, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Eλληνικά, Pyccknñ, Arabic العَرَبِيةُ‎‎,

• Protection:

Touch screen water resistant
Back cover protection

• Weight:

0.139 KG / 139 G

• Dimensions:

145mm length x 71mm width x 6.3mm thickness

• Included:

Headset • Home charger • USB cable • Back cover protection • Manual

• Security:

X-Enterprise 9900 is a ready-to-go secure smartphone with:

X-Enterprise OS
X-Crypt Encryption
X-Communications Messaging
X-Communications VoIP Talk
X-Storage Mobile
X-Storage PC +
X-World VPN

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