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Waterproof robust mobile GSM X-Tel 3000

Waterproof robust mobile GSM 2

By this waterproof robust mobile we’ve tried to focus on the use in extreme conditions. It’s easy to hold in your hand, and for emergency’s also shockproof. Yes, you heard it right, you are able to drop this waterproof robust mobile without it’s broken. The X-Tel 3000 is working on the operating system Nucleus OS and has a very strong battery.

Waterproof Robust mobile GSM en SOS emergency button

There is storage for 32GB for example pictures, which you can easily make with the 3.0 megapixel camera. We’ve also thought about the safety by this waterproof robust mobile GSM. The phone has a SOS button on the side, so you can easy call a helpline in case of emergency’s. This waterproof robust mobile GSM is a very complete phone for the outdoor.

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Waterproof robust mobile GSM

Waterproof robust mobile GSM