Do you love X-Systems? We love you back!
We want to say thank you, in so many ways. You makes us what we are today. We know when you’re on a awesome adventure using our devices you are helping to promote X-Systems and the cool products. Now you are able to join our team as ambassador.
We search ambassadors who are sportive and active in the outdoor but also who can respect the modern technology.

How does it works to be a ambassador?
1. Share amazing content of X-Systems.
2. Add link to our website or refer to us.
3. Earn discounts and other great rewards.

How to get started as a ambassador?
1. Fill the X-Systems form or send a e-mail to us.
2. Our team will examine your request and activate your account.
3. Once activated you receive a e-mail that wil verify you as our ambassador.
4. Start sharing and make life cooler.

What will you get?
After registration you receive following from us:
– Online brochure
– Promotional images
– Product specifications & details & presentations
– Product rewards overview

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