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Why use PGP?


PGP encryption

Reasons to use PGP

PGP that stands for “pretty good privacy” that ensures users of PGP a variety of protection. This protection is unfolded into encryption that are expressed as BITS- The more BIT-AES encryption you have. The harder it is to decrypt your messages.  With various encryption software it can take a while before a message is encrypted and sended.


PGP Encryption software

X-PGP makes it available to use a algorithm constructed in the software lets you encrypt and decrypt your messages, files, pictures in an instant.
With 256-bit AES encryption such a high usage of bit-AES has been proven that it is impossible to hack. Even the NSA does not have the proper power to attempt an hack on 256 bit-AES.

Why make use of PGP Encryption


PGP Encryption is a very safe and highly secured mailing service. This guarentees privacy and anonomity. If you are dealing with sensitive information or just a cititizen that is consired about your own privacy. X-PGP has different solutions with variable options for our clients that enables maximum usability combined with multi-protection.
With the X-PGP 9900 cellphone that is designed to function at it best in combination with PGP.

X-Enterprise PGP


X-Enterprise is a company dedicated to maximize privacy and security. X-Enterprise does not only provide secure messaging, we also offer X-Storage a crossplatform where everything is encrypted and multi-secured.  With X-Storage you can save your data, partitions, files, documents. This all under one secure roof that makes it flexiblity in usage and protection.


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PGP – What Is a PGP Public Key?

What is Publicy PGP- X-PGP 9000

Operation of PGP

When a user wants to encrypt a piece of text, file, partition or e-mail with PGP. PGP then compresses the text. Due to this algorithm that is used enables to reduce the time to encrypt the message and send it.


How does PGP Public Key work?

A key is a cryptographic algorithm that enables you to encrypt your text, image, file or partition.

This is a combination of numbers and computer characters whose length is measured in BITS.The longer the key, the more secure the encryption. The public and private key pair consists of two unique related cryptographic keys (basically long random numbers). Below is an example of a Public Key:
3048 0241 D0C9 18FX CQ8D EB2D F0139 FD37 89B9 E069 EA97 FC20 5E33 F567 EE31 C4FB C6E4 4811 7D86 BC8F BAFA 362F 922B EFD5 2F40 C744 C0DD 2654 2881 4003 C266 D673 CA2B E2CD CB02 0201 0007


What is a public PGP Key?

The public key is says it all it is a public key, though it is public. When you use it correctly it does not matter how public it is. The public key is made available to all through a public access actual directory. On the other hand, the private key must be kept confidential. This is only visible and useable by the owner.


Jim wants to send sensitive data to Elise and wants to make sure that Elise’s only one that will be able to read it. He will encrypt the data with Elise’s public key. Elise’s only has access to its private key, and therefore the only one that has the ability to decrypt the message.


PGP private key

The public key is what the name suggests – Public. It is made available to everyone through a publicly accessible repository or directory. On the other hand, the private key must remain confidential to its respective owner. It is impossible to ensure the private key even if the public key is known.

X-PGP has just launched the X-PGP 9900 cell phone that enables the usability of a normal phone in combination with an encrypted partition that enables you to encrypt everything and make it as secure as you want it to be.With 256-bit AES encryption method X-PGP is un-hackable.


PGP X-PGP9900 - What is PGP Public Key


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What is PGP?


What is PGP Security?

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, this is a software application that allows emails to be encrypted and decrypted with a digital signature withing PGP-messages which can only be seen by the sender and the receiver. PGP ensures that important and sensitive data are kept behind an wall of encryption. So that a conversation between two people- stays between two people.

When you are looking for a sucure PGP phone, then it is logical that you are wondering what is PGP? Since safety comes first. Trust is good, but security is crucial. That is why X-Enterprise has developed the ultra secure and private PGP cell phone = X-PGP 9900.


What are Secure PGP conversations?

Pretty Good Privacy is a software developed to ensure secure conversations. PGP works with keys that can encrypt and decrypt messages, files, partitions, images, etc. Each user has an encryption key that is public, so does each user has an private key. You encrypt a message and then send it to someone else using THEIR public key. Once received this person can decrypt it using their private key.

In theory encrypting an entire message can be time consuming, PGP has found a way that uses faster encryption algorithm to encrypt messages. It uses the public key to decrypt a shorter key that was used to encrypt the entire message, file, image or partition. The encrypted message and the public short key are send to the receiver who first uses the receiver’s private key to decrypt the short key. And then uses that key to decrypt the message.


PGP – Pretty Good Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy can be used to verify digital certificitaten and encrypt / decrypt text, email, files, folders and entire partitions. This is especially important when working with sensitive information.


What is PGP - X-PGP 9900