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What are rugged cases

Afraid to take your smartphone anywhere because dropping? Fear no more, there are innovative phones with protective rugged cases.

What does a ‘rugged’ product means?
Any “rugged” or “water-resistant” device can short out when it falls into water, break when it hits the concrete, or shut down if it lays in the sun too long. These words are meaningless, because more important is what are the real specifications or the standards behind them. They authorize a certain device or gadget that can survive extreme circumstances, such as shock resistance to heat, dust, cold, radiation, or water protection.

Ruggedsmartphone X-Tel 9000

Ingress Protection Rating
The Ingress Protection Rating uses specific tests to determine the ability for an electronic device to withstand exposure to a wide range of dirt, dust, and water exposure. It offers a rating that ranges from 1 to 6 for dust & dirt, and 1 to 8 for water. An IP rating of 6 for dirt means a device, which is completely resistant to dust and other particles. An IP rating of 8 in water means the device can be put in water to a certain depth for an indefinite amount of time.

Ruggedoutdoorsmartphone X-Tel 9000

Military Specifications and Standards
Military Specifications and Standards number in the hundreds and certify a product in its ability to handle specific conditions. For instance, there are standards that certify devices to handle drops onto concrete, nuclear radiation exposure, rapid temperature changes, and a wide number of other environmental challenges. The most well-known standard for rugged devices is the MIL-STD-810G, which has within it many of scenarios that devices can be rated to protect against, most especially drops and falls.