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The products of the XSystems-Store:

The online webshop for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets from X-Systems which are full Waterproof,Shockproof and Dust-proof.

Outdoor extreme tablet

Outdoor robust tablet

Outdoor waterproof tablet

Dual-Sim mobile phone

Outdoor mobile phone

Dual-Sim mobile gsm

Robust mobile gsm

Robust mobile

Waterproof mobile gsm

Waterproof robust mobile

Best of the robust smartphones

Best of the rugged smartphones

Best of the waterproof smartphones

Dual-Sim smartphone outdoor

Simlock free waterproof smartphone

Outdoor cheap smartphone

Outdoor Dual-Sim smartphone

Outdoor extreme smartphone

Outdoor robust smartphone

Outdoor rugged smartphone

Outdoor SOS nood smartphone

Outdoor waterproof smartphone

Rugged Dual-Sim smartphone

Rugged extreme smartphone






Senior panic button

Senior smartphone

Senior SOS button

Senior SOS

Senior mobile with SOS button

Senior mobile phone

Senior mobile

Senior mobile phone

Senior emergency button

Senior smartphone with SOS