X-TEL 9500

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€ 640.00

NEW: “Extreme Smartphone” X-Tel 9500 V2

The X-Tel 9500 is a 4G, Dual-Sim, Waterproof & Tough smartphone.

• Mil-Std 810g Protection
• IP68/IPX8 Waterproof
• High Performance • Reliability • Durability
• Dual-Sim 4G, 3G and 2G capability
• Bottom: Answer + Reject buttons
• Side: Camera + SOS-Panic buttons

Extreme Waterproof Smartphone for professionals!


Product Description

With actual phone buttons: Answer • Reject • side-Camera • side-SOS Panic.
A great feature for outdoor professionals working with gloves and in wet environments!

The “Extreme Waterproof Smartphone” is equiped with 2GB RAM + 16 GB ROM + Dual-Sim: 4G, 3G and 2G + 8MP Camera + 5MP Camera + Gorilla Glass 3.0 + IP68 waterproof protection

The new X-Tel 9500 4G V2 is a one of its kind smartphone running the android operating system and even more spectacular is the fact that this phone is dust, shock, drop, waterproof as a well as vibration proof. This is a smartphone which is especially suitable for outdoor activities or for people who work in an outdoor environment such as people in the manufacturing industry, marine industry, transport industry, someone in the military agencies or even sports people.

Once people have used this extraordinary smartphone they will clearly see that this waterproof smartphone has no competition when it comes to harsh outdoor and wet conditions.

X-Tel 9500 V2 “Extreme Smartphone” is waterproof up to 200 centimeters, fully rugged and built for extreme environments.

With unique actual buttons; Answer Call + Reject + SOS-Panic buttons.


4G Dual-Sim waterproof smartphone

Another helpful function is the fact that the phone is able to make use of dual-SIM 4G functionality.

This smartphone also has the dual-SIM functionality which is providing the user with additional benefits. You are able to put two different SIM-cards into the phone simultaneously and therefore two different cell phone providers could be used which could turn out to save the consumer money because they are able to use the best features of two providers simultaneously.


Comfortable smartphone yet waterproof

This robust X-Tel 9900 4G phone has been exceptionally well designed which allows for a comfortable fit in your hands even when a person is wearing gloves. This is a Strong smartphone with waterproof functionality that does not have to be constantly protected when working in wet conditions which actually allows a worker to be more productive. It does not matter what you do whether indoors or outdoors and no matter how hostile the conditions may be you have the peace of mind that you have a smartphone which has been specifically designed for those conditions. Another feature is the Gorilla Glass 3.0 which cannot be easily scratched no matter how harsh the conditions may be.


Extreme high quality smartphone

Just because this phone has been designed for outdoor high-risk situations does not mean that it does not have the sophisticated technologies associated of other smartphones. It has an internal storage of 16 GB while it also has 2 gigabytes of ram and a micro SD card could be used up to 32 GB in size. This phone has a 4.0-inch screen and it also uses a QHD five point multi touchscreen which is easy to read. The entire phone is waterproof including the camera and this allows the user to take photos where ever they might be even in rainy conditions. So whether you are working or playing you never have to miss anything. The camera is extremely user-friendly and can be used where ever you may go. The phone has a primary camera capable of 8.0 megapixels with a flash and autofocus. It also has a secondary camera with 5 megapixels capability.


The Extreme X-Tel 9500 V2, with unique features

  • Answer & Reject buttons
    Designed for outdoor professionals working with gloves and in wet environments
  • Side SOS Panic button
    When you press for 3 seconds, this application automatically dials a pre-set emergency number
  • Side Camera button
    one click and your photo / video camera applications opens directly
  • Strong removable battery
    up to 15 hours talking time + 8 hours 4G full connection time
  • Ergonomic HQ design
    high quality ergonomic design easy to use in wet or dirty surroundings



X-TEL 9500 V2

Additional Information


• X-Tel 9500 extreme smartphone • Headset • Home charger • USB cable • Screw-tool • Manual



• Protection:

IP68/IPX8, Military standard 810G

• Processor:

Quad-Core 1.4GHz CPU

• Display:

4.0Inch HD (1920×1080) IPS • Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 • Responsive OGS 5 points touch

• Android OS:

Android 5.1

• Safety:

side SOS-Panic (automatic call button)

• Actual Buttons

1. Answer Call
2. Reject-Call
3. SOS – Panic
4. Camera
5. Volume +/-
6. Power On/Off

• SSD:

up to 32GB

• RAM:

2 GB

• ROM:

16 GB


4G • 3G • 2G

• 4G GSM:

LTE • FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B20

• 3G GSM:

WCDMA • 850/900/1900/2100MHz

• 2G GSM:

GSM • 850/900/1800/1900MHz

• Camera back:

Sony 8.0 megapixel

• Camera front:

5.0 megapixel

• Bluetooth:



2.4GHz, 802.11B/G/N

• USB:

Micro USB • 2.0 OTG

• Working temp:

-25 / 85c (until 55c warranty)

• Battery:

2800mAh lithium battery

• Battery 2:

Optional 4500mAh lithium battery (+ € 80,-)

• Standby time:

up to 22 days
Average 12 days

• Working time:

22 – 72 hours (Average > Full usage)

• Calling time:

GSM > 19 hours
WCDMA > 12 hours
FDD-LTE > 12 hours

• Charging input:

240V AC output: 5V DC

• Languages:

Dansk, Deutsch, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Eλληνικά, Pyccknñ, Arabic العَرَبِيةُ‎‎,

• Delivery

2-3 weeks delivery time

• Weight:

0.320 KG

• Dimensions:

140.4 mm length x 75.8 mm width x 16.5 mm thickness

• HexaProof:

Waterproof • Dustproof • Shockproof • Freezeproof • Tempeproof • Oilproof

• USP's info

► 100 DB Speaker
► Actual Phone Buttons
– Actual CALL buttons : Answer- & Rject
– Actual SOS-Panic button
– Actual Camera button
► One watt LED Flashlight
► Internal sensors
– G Sensor
– Distance Sensor
– Ambient Sensor
– Light Sensor
– Mil-Std 810g protection smartphone
– IP68/IPX8 Waterproof smartphone
– High Performance • Reliability • Durability
– Dual-Sim 4G, 3G and 2G capability
– Bottom: Answer + Reject buttons
– Side: Camera + SOS-Panic buttons
– Ergonomic & Safe design

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