Now available: Body Camera DS300

A unique body camera for Public Safety & Public Security

Combination of a Body Camera + PTT-Handheld

The body camera DS300 is a combination of PTT-Handheld microphone with Body Camera. This unique body camera; DS300 is the only body camera that doesn’t need another separate device for safety, security and evidence recording purposes.

Now available for (law enforcement) officers, security personnel and first responders.

Sad enough, most recordings started too late and/or at a bad angle, and do not accurately represent what actually happened. With the X-Surveillance DS300 Body Camera users can now instantly record the officer’s side of the situation, – from the requested height of where a body camera should be attached – for the best results.


X-Surveillance DS300 is a unique Body Camera combined with PTT-Handheld microphone.

The X-Surveillance DS300 Body Camera can replace existing PTT-Handheld microphones, such as Kenwood, Motorola and many others.

With the X-Surveillance DS300 Body Camera it is possible to record the officer’s side of the situation, without the need to add additional equipment to the already equipped heavy uniform. Just replace the existing PTT-Handheld microphone with the new X-Surveillance DS300 Body Camera.

Easy to use with the already familiar “talk button” on one side and the” record button” on the other side.

The DS300 Full-HD body camera offers an automatic IR (infra red night-vision) for filming in total darkness also with the Pre-Recording functionality – Optional GPS capabilities -Password protected file access – 32GB of memory. This bodycam also provides an officer ID and date/time stamp, and has 1.5″ monitor for instant playback of recorded events. Next to this the body cam is also drop, shock and water resistant.

Body Camera features

The Full HD body camera DS300, ensures encrypted and password protected recordings.

The camera comes with the following specifications; 16 mega pixels’ photo resolution, recording capture of 1080p (or 720p) with 30 frames per second in AVI format and up to 10 hours recording time, contains a LED Flashlight and has the ability to “store” and “save” GPS location when a video or photo is being recorded. The real-time GPS (longitude and latitude) coordinates will be embedded onto the video file, and shown on the display of the user.

The pre-recording of the DS300 body camera gives its users an increasing transparency and accountability. This pre-recording feature stores 20 seconds of cache memory of video evidence, to instantly view, hear and experience what, where (in combination with GPS) and who caused the situation.

The body camera DS300 is drop, shock and water resistant, as you might expect from a PTT-Handheld microphone (combined with a body camera) and comes with a 1.5” (inch) display for instant playback of recorded situations/events.

The body camera DS300 can also be used as a standalone recorder without a cord and, – when requested -, has the option to record only Audio, without video or photo recordings.

The body camera DS300 is an incognito camera, so people won’t even notice they are recorded. Yet , on request, there can be added a sticker, explaining people are being recorded. At larger orders any requirements are possible.


Before ordering we need to know what PTT (Push to Talk) device your organization is currently using. This is important for the “PTT-Radio Intercom Cable”. This can be shared at the “Order Notes” on the checkout page.

Order here your DS300 Body Camera + PTT-Handheld microphone

The body cameras of X-Surveillance may only be ordered by entities with a chamber of commerce registration, or have connections with public security – public safety – (local) governmental department – law enforcement – crime prevention – civil guard – surveillance – medical service – first aid – first responders – fire department / brigade – etc. 

The average delivery time is 14-17 days. We kindly ask you to order five body cameras at each order to help us with quantity in stock. Would you like to purchase more body camera’s please contact us via mail: “info -at-” or phone: “+31-85-877-1767”. Thank you for reading this note.

Additional information

• Included

• DS300 Body camera + PTT-Handheld functionality
• EU, UK or US charger
• 12V Car charger
• 3.5mm Earphone Cable
• USB Port & Charging Cable
• USB Port Connector
• PTT-Radio Connector
• 360° Rotatable Buckle

• Specifications

• Pre recordings
• GPS location
• Infrared Night Vision
• IR with automatic switching
• 1080p / 720p High Definition
• 720p or 1080p HD, 30fps
• 16 Megapixel camera
• Recording indicator
• Password protected recordings
• Encrypted recordings storage
• 32GB memory (password protected)
• 2400 mAh Extended Battery
• Up to 8 hours recording time
• Time/Date/ID Stamp
• One Press Operation
• Continuous recording
• 360° Rotatable Buckle
• 140° viewing angle
• 1.5” LCD display
• 3.5mm Earphone Jack
• USB Port Connector
• PTT-Radio Connector
• Optional: PTT-Radio Intercom Cable
• Same size as existing PTT handhelds
• Black coloured Body Camera
• Software language English
• Size 90 x 63 x 29 (mm)