X-Crypto Smartphone


Mil-Std, ruggedized smartphone for Critical Communications.


Security, modularity and productivity delivered in one trusted encrypted Crypto Smartphone.


Through its ruggedized honeycomb housing, embedded hardware security features and encrypted software the X-Crypto 7500 can be used across a range of missions, situations, environments and configurations.


The ultra ruggedized LTE secure X-Crypto smartphone is equipped with dual-SIM capability that enables users to operate on both commercial and governmental wireless networks.


X-CRYPTO Smartphone 7500 is available in ORANGE – GREEN – BLACK.
(after order color selection can be made)




X-Crypto 7500 Smartphone

The X-Crypto smartphone “X-Crypto 7500” is a critical communications military grade, ultra ruggedized, security smartphone developed for public safety, law-enforcement and defense professionals.

The X-Crypto smartphone is powered by the X-Systems Crypto architecture, which as designed from the outset for the mobile environment. Which is built upon three layers of trust and security enabling maximum security of data and communication for its clients. Each of the layers contain a hybrid configurable encryption for the highest and maximum security in any configuration and environment.



Full Encrypted & Secure Crypto Smartphone

The X-Crypto smartphone is developed for utmost protection of all information, data and top-secret communications. With multiple encryption layers located throughout the smartphone enabling maximum security of data. By using 256- and 512- hybrid; secure boot encryption, bootloader encryption, X-Crypt encryption (secured users-partition), and Crypt-OS encryption.

The X-Crypto Smartphone is the world’s first secure smartphone which uses hybrid cryptography by using two or more algorithms at one encrypted security layer. Each organization as client receives its own algorithm for ultimate security of the cryptography and data protection.

X-Crypto Smartphone uses multi-layered technology built into both the hardware and software. From the Hardware Root of Trust to the fully encrypted AOSP Android Framework with various trusted protocols, ensuring your data is more secure.


Now available as Pre-Order Trial-Device starting at € 1.600,00

X-CRYPTO Smartphone 7500 is available in ORANGE – GREEN – BLACK.




X-Crypto 7500 GOTS Special Developments

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