DS300 Body Cameras


DS-300 overview :
The X-Surveillance DS-300 Body Camera replaces your existing handheld microphone. With the DS-300 body camera you can now record the officer’s side of the situation, without the need to add additional equipment to the already equipped heavy uniform. Just replace your existing handheld microphone for the DS-300 unit.

Easy to use with the already familiar talk button on one side and the record button on the other. It can replace existing microphones, such as Kenwood, Motorola and others. The DS-300 body camera offers an automatic infrared night vision for recording in total darkness, GPS capabilities. password protected file access, 32GB of memory. provides an officer ID and date/time stamp, 1.5 inch monitor for instant playback of recorded events, and is drop, shock and water resistant.

Due to good research, listening to customers and understanding the market, we have designed the DS-300 as a body camera that is favorite among officers and first responders. They want the benefits of having a body camera to record events and situations as they actually happen. The X-Surveillance DS-300 is able to replace the present used PTT-Handheld microphone, with adapters available for the vast majority of PTT devices such as Motorola, Kenwood etc. depending on the brand. However, – on request of a customer -, we can contact the supplier to provide a cable to connect the DS-300 body camera with any PTT device.

The DS-300 body camera is drop, shock and water resistant, as you might expect from a handheld microphone (combined with a body camera). The DS-300 body camera has a 1.5” (inch) monitor for instant playback of recorded events, to save battery power it turns off the display after 30 seconds and need only one press on the recording button to turn it on again. The DS-300 body camera can be used as a standalone recorder without cord when requested. It also offers the option to record only Audio, without video or photo recordings.

The DS-300 is an incognito device, so people won’t even notice they are recorded. Yet on request there can be added a sticker, explaining people that they are going to be recorded. Any requirement is possible. Too often recordings are started too late and/or at a bad angle, and do not accurately represent what actually happened. With the DS300 body camera system users can now instantly record the officer’s side of the events, on the requested height of where a body camera should be located, without the need to add additional equipment to the already equipped heavy uniform.


Overview languages DS300

Kroppen Kamera DS300

Kroppen kamera DS300 är en kombination av PTT-Handhållen mikrofon som har en kropp kamera. Denna unika kropp kamera; DS300 är det enda organ kamera som inte behöver en annan separat enhet för säkerhet och bevis inspelningsändamål.


нательная видеокамера DS300

Нательная видеокамера DS300 представляет собой комплект из портативного микрофона и видеокамеры с кнопкой «нажми и говори»; эта уникальная нательная видеокамера DS300 является единственной в своем роде, поскольку для гарантии надежности, безопасности и достоверности записи не требуется использовать какие-либо дополнительные устройства.


Kamera noszona przy ciele DS300

Kamera noszona przy ciele DS300 jest połączeniem kamery i ręcznego mikrofonu PTT. To unikalne połączenie to jedyna kamera na rynku, która nie potrzebuje żadnych innych dodatkowych urządzeń, aby zapewnić bezpieczeństwo i zbieranie nagrań dowodowych.


Kroppskamera DS300 

DS300 Kroppskameraet er en kombinasjon av PTT-Håndholdt mikrofon med Kroppskamera. Dette er et unikt kroppskamera; DS300 er det eneste kroppskameraet som ikke behøver en separat enhet for sikkerhets-, trygghets- og bevisopptak.



De bodycam DS300 is een combinatie van een PTT-Handheld microfoon met Bodycam. Deze unieke bodycam; DS300 is de enige bodycam die geen ander apparaat nodig heeft voor bescherming-, veiligheid- en bewijs-opnamedoeleinden.


Corpo Macchina DS300 

La telecamera corporale DS300 è una combinazione di un microfono PTT-Portabile con una Telecamera Corporale. Questa esclusiva telecamera corporale; DS300 è l’unica telecamera corporale che non ha bisogno di un altro dispositivo separato per la sicurezza, la protezione e la raccolta di prove.


Το σώμα της μηχανής DS300

Η body camera DS300 αποτελεί τον συνδιασμό ενός PTT-Handheld μικροφώνου με σωματική βιντεοκάμερα. Η μοναδική αυτή φορούμενη βιντεοκάμερα DS300 είναι η μόνη κάμερα σώματος που δεν χρειάζεται ξεχωριστές συσκευές για ασφάλεια,προστασία και καταγραφή γεγονότων.


Corps Caméra DS300 

Avec le corps caméra de DS300 X-Surveillance, il est possible d’enregistrer le côté officier de la situation, sans la nécessité d’ajouter des équipements supplémentaires à l’uniforme de lourd déjà équipée. Il suffit de remplacer le microphone PTT- à main existant avec la nouvelle X-Surveillance DS300 corps caméra.


Kehokamera DS300

X-Surveillance DS300 Kehokameralla on mahdollista kuvata viranomaisen puoli tapahtumista, ilman tarvetta lisätä ylimääräisiä tarvikkeita jo painavaksi puettuun virkapukuun. Korvaa vain olemassa oleva PTT-Kannettava mikrofoni uudella X-Surveillance DS300 Kehokameralla.


Cuerpo de la cámara DS300

Con la Tele Cámara Corporal X-Surveillance DS300 es posible grabar los acontecimientos desde la mirada del oficial, sin necesidad de agregar otros dispositivos al uniforme ya equipada y pesada. Sustituyan sencillamente los actuales micrófonos portátiles PTT con la nueva Tele cámara Corporal X-Surveillance DS300.


Body Kamera DS300 

Mit der X-Surveillance DS300 Körperkamera ist es möglich, die Offiziersseite der Situation zu erfassen, ohne zusätzliche Ausrüstung zu der bereits ausgerüsteten schweren Uniform hinzuzufügen. Ersetzen Sie das bestehende PTT-Handheld-Mikrofon durch die neue X-Surveillance DS300 Körperkamera.


Krop Camera DS300 

The Body Camera DS300 er en PTT-Håndholdt mikrofon kombineret med Body Camera. Dette unikke kropskamera; DS300 er det eneste kropskamera der ikke behøver en separat enhed lavet for tryghed, sikkerhed og bevisoptagelsesformål.


هيكل الكاميرا DS300 

المحزن ان معظم التسجيلات تبدأ متاخرة جدا و/او فى زاوية سيئة ولا بدقة ما حدث بالفعل. مع DS300 هيكل الكاميراX-Surveillance وقد اصبح الان بمقدور المستخدمين على الفور تسجيل الواجهة الأمامية فى حالة من طلب الارتفاع حيث ينبغى للكاميرا للحصول على افضل النتائج.



The body camera DS300 is a combination of PTT-Handheld microphone with Body Camera. This unique body camera; DS300 is the only body camera that doesn’t need another separate device for safety, security and evidence recording purposes.