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X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam the ultimate Emergency services, Public Safety, Governmental, Security and Police Body Camera

The X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam is a high video and photo resolution camera providing 22MP photos, and a maximum video quality of 1080p / 30 frames per second. Including PTT (walkie-talkie) functionality, which can be used as microphone while recording, 2 inch display, 3300 mAh battery (up to 8 hours continuous recording), backup battery, secure video-data encryption and identity recognition.

The X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam is capable of laser light, purple light, white light and infrared night vision function. With 10x digital zoom, 130 degrees ultra-wide angle, infrared distance of 3 meters, built-in G-sensor and of course IP67 water-proof, shock-proof and drop-proof.

And most important of all, one-click operation. Lots of safety at a reasonable price.

Product Description

X-Surveillance BodyCam DS100

The X-Surveillance Body Cam DS100 is a cutting-edge body camera of the highest quality with a robust design and offering high quality recordings.

The Body Cam DS100 is unique in its kind by its IP67, military-standard 810g protection, and it comes with a protective 2.0” (inch) QCIF display.

Containing a high quality infrared night vision mode, with a range up to 7 meters, and with white LED light for more vision at sunrise and sunset, an ultraviolet LED light for image recognition and a strong laser for pointing at the right direction.

The X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam also has a built-in G-Sensor that starts automatically recording by sensing motion, such as sudden movements or tumbling down.

Most important; the X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam is a real powerhouse with 22 megapixels’ photo resolutions. 10x digital zoom functionality, which enables users to capture 1080p (30 FPS) or 720 (60FPS), with a 130° view angle.

For ultimate protection, the X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam has a “Pre-Recording” functionality, that records 20 seconds before a situation has occurred. Once pressed on recording, up to 20 seconds pre-recording are automatically stored in the encrypted memory.

Couple unique specifications on the X-Surveillance DS100 cam:

Latest HD Body Camera rugged technology, for police officers, emergency services, government departments and security companies. With various unique build-in specifications, 1080p HD Camera, waterproof and much more on police body camera.

Police Camera connection and camera specifications:

Implemented 22 megapixel camera, for the highest quality pictures and video recordings. Causing more safety for police officers and other security workers. Up to 8 hours continually recording, infrared, night vision and more with police body camera X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam.

  • A body worn camera for police officers with a maximum resolution of 1080p (30 frames per second).
  • 130° ultra-wide angle, aperture f/ 2.8 camera lens on infrared police body camera.
  • Very fast shutter speeds up to 8 frames per second.
  • Automatic recordings of a minimum of 2 seconds per frame with body camera for police.
  • When recording with camera up to 10X digital zoom.
  • Incredible high photo resolution of 22 megapixels.
  • Build-in 32 gigabyte capacity TF card, within wireless body camera for police.
  • With Micro SD card up to an extra 64 gigabyte capacity.
  • Simple menu buttons with a 2.0 inch TFT screen on body camera for police.
  • Amazing adaptability with 6 types of night lights.
  • Sharp night vision up to 7 meters distance implemented in police camera.
  • Infrared police body camera to 3 meter distance.


Safety first via the body worn camera X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam:

Nowadays police officers come across various different, sticky, dangerous and uncomfortable situations. With the X-Surveillance DS100 Body Cam you have various different things helping officers to stay safe and mobile. This among the fact, that they will be able to film these situations.

  • Safe and secure wireless connection on police camera.
  • Provided backup battery with police camera.
  • Implemented internal (accurate) GPS Module within camera.
  • Camera uses safe data encryption.
  • Infrared police body camera with identity recognition function.
  • Able to link the camera with a Smartphone to send live footage via a secure 3G connection.
  • Police camera is developed for safety and (after-) control for police, government, emergency services and security.

For more information:

Feel free to contact us.
These emergency, security and police body camera’s are only available for government, emergency services and (security) companies
(minimum order quantity of 20 body cameras)

For more information, get in contact via phone or mail with X-Systems:



Local storage via secure Micro SD -or- Secure Cloud Solution

In collaboration with X-Enterprise images can be saved automatically every hour in X-Enterprise secure X-Cloud.

With X-Cloud it is posssible to use the secure web servers under management of X-Enterprise, or customized within the customer’s network. Of course, it is also possible to choose for local storage of images, however, in combination with the X-Cloud this is no longer necessary. In terms of security there is the option for secure live streaming, which can be viewed within the secure cloud, and / or can be shared within a secure network.

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