X-Tab 7500


The X-Tab 7500 is ultra-durable a secure tablet. Engineered to operate flawlessly in every environment, it withstands critical situations and works efficiency in the field. It comes with a Android 128-Bit encrypted operating system and a couple of pre-installed security applications. This enterprise tablet is equipped with 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 4G+, Dual-SIM, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, 13.0 Mega Pixels, sunlight readable 4.7Inch IPS QHD display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, SOS Panic Button and many more…

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Rugged tablet:
The GPS Waterproof X-Tab has a durable and robust design that can easily survive a meter under water or a drop from a meter. Besides the great tough design, the tablet also has the newest and most advanced technical specifications. It offers the opportunity to match on the personal and professional needs. There is also the possibility to take your favourite apps wherever you go no matter how rough the terrain will be.
The GPS Waterproof Rugged X-Tab 9000 is a complete new handheld tablet computing device. The X Tab is designed for consumers and businesses that demand a mobile device that is larger than a smartphone yet smaller than a laptop. The rugged X-Tab 9000 is ideally for entertainment multimedia and business usage. Take the GPS waterproof X-Tab Android Tablet wherever you go and even under the roughest circumstances.

High performing rugged tablet:
The rugged X-Tab 9000 was built to become powerful in any aspect. It has the combination of proven X-Systems durability with the versatility of the Android operating system. Itís a technological innovation with it’s powerful Quad Core processor and large ram memory. This GPS Waterproof rugged X-Tab tablet runs on advanced Android software, with a Nucleus platform. The Nucleus platform enables the tablet to consume less power then regular tablet and gives it a long stand-by time.
The gps waterproof X-Tab only uses the most innovative and finest grade components.

Waterproof tablet features:
It is fully equipped with fast 3G wireless mobile connection, Bluetooth 4.0, highly sensitive GPS receiver, 8.0 mega pixel back camera, sunlight readable IPS ultra-sensitive and multi-touch display.
This way you are always connected with the Internet or able use the rugged waterproof tablet to operate super fast large and heavy applications. With Android OS, you can easily access the Google Play store for quick download of popular applications. Google Play offers various consumers as business related applications, which are practical, time efficient or just fun to use.
Android OS can use one of the many applications on the store that can help you get your job done quickly, or it can run your custom application in a open or closed network environment.

High durability rugged tablet:
The GPS Waterproof Rugged X-Tab 9000 is specifically engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. The X-Tab 9000 rugged tablet is built to industrial grade IP67 / IPX7 ratings and gives the highest standard of protection. The GPS waterproof X-Tab 9000 has an aluminium alloy internal frame and 1.2mm highly scratch resistant tempered glass touch screen. Causing the phone to withstand the toughest conditions. The Rugged X-Tab 9000 is designed to with stand a drop from one meter at any angle, it’s completely waterproof and reached MIL-STD-810G military standards. The Waterproof tablet X-Tab 9000 is ready for whatever you can put it through.

Highly reliable rugged tablet:
The Waterproof Rugged X-Tab can be operated in temperatures from -20 to 80 ºC. This rugged tablet devices are made to be reliable under any circumstance or condition. With this tablet your able to work in any environment even in the critical or freezing cold conditions.
The tempered Glass is tough enough to withstand scratches by the abuses of working in extreme conditions. You can easily use the GPS Waterproof X-Tab in very wet and extremely dry situations, for example on an sailing boat in Germany, while hiking in the mountains of Africa or in an industrial surrounding. The Rugged Waterproof X-Tab 9000 is built for it all and even more.

Easy deployable rugged tablet:
The GPS waterproof X-Tab 9000 is without doubts perfectly deployable in various markets. This rugged waterproof tablet is ideal for consumers who demand more then a regular fragile tablet but also for businesses and enterprises. The Rugged X-Tab 9000 is and can be deployed within: governments, aerospace, environmental forestry, oil & gas, mining, energy, transport, industrial, construction, healthcare, robotics and educational sectors.
These waterproof tablets are ideal for the purposes as maintenance or inspections and due to their durability there is a low cost of ownership and long product lifespan.