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The X-Tel 3000 is a fully rugged water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, freeze-, and shockproof mobile phone. It has a robust design and ultra tough durability. This rugged waterproof X-Tel is equipped with Dual-SIM, LED flashlight, EDGE GPS connection, Bluetooth, T9 keyboard (dial-buttons), camera, sunlight readable IPS display and many more….


The X-Tel 3000 is a no-nonsense robust rugged mobile phone by X-Systems. X-Systems manufacturers its rugged phone down to the chassis, durability and innovation are in their DNA. The X-Tel 3000 was designed to be tough, compact and super user-friendly. This is a fully rugged water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, freeze-, and shockproof phone.
The X-Tel has a durable and robust design that can go easily two meter under water or survives a drop from a meter. Besides the great tough design, the mobile phone also has the newest and most sustainable technical specifications. It offers the opportunity to match on the personal and professional needs. With its retro style it has a T9 keyboard (dial-buttons)and it can withstand any weather, activity and work conditions. The X-Tel 3000 has a Dual-SIM, LED flashlight and a 2000mAh battery which gives this phone a ~15 days standby time and 62 hours working time. Where most mobile phones use the camera flash to simulate a flash light, the X-Tel 3000 has a much more convenient built-in 1 watt LED flashlight. To turn it on or off, simply use the flashlight button on the phone. Now you can see at night anything you want in any situation. Take the X-Tel rugged waterproof mobile phone wherever you go and even under rough circumstances. This phone will not fail any expectations, it will take you to the maximum!

High Performance:
The X-Tel 3000 was designed to become the most powerful T9 keyboard mobile phone. This robust X-Tel phone is specially developed for the essential needs, like calling, text messaging and Whatsapp. Whatsapp is pre-installed on this mobile phone, which is unique in its category. Thanks to the Dual-SIM option you’re able to switch between two SIM-cards or two telecom providers, ideally for business or traveling. The X-Tel 3000 runs on a powerful and very low energy consumption Nucleus platform, which gives this X-Tel a extremely long stand-by time of more then 15 days. But this rugged X-Tel offers more then just the standard features; The X-Tel 3000 is a great little handheld mobile phone that delivers a whole lot more than you would expect. Completely equipped with a stack of features including 1 watt flashlight, camera, Whatsapp messenger, FM radio, WAP Internet, voice recorder, 2.0”QCIF Screen, EDGE GPRS, Dual-SIM, 2000mAh lithium battery, MP3 and MP4 multimedia player. The interface is multi language and you’re able to store 1000 contacts and text messages in the phone or place them on an external Micro-SD card.
This phone is very compact, light and extremely durable, it has an IP68 waterproof housing to protect against all kinds of tough elements and has high technological specifications. A mobile phone for consumers as well as for businesses in extreme outdoor and industrial environments. Ideal for action sport or work related conversations.

High Durability:
The X-Tel 3000 is specifically engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. The X-Tel 3000 rugged smartphone is built to industrial grade IP68 / IPX8 ratings and gives the highest standard of protection. The X-Tel 3000 is made to last the longest then regular mobile phones. We call this robust phone “as strong as ice” and it truly is… The X-Tel 3000 has honeycomb internal frame structure and highly scratch and crack resistant Gorilla Glass 2 screen. You can be sure the X-Tel will withstand the toughest environments and most extreme conditions. The X-Tel 3000 is designed to withstand a drop from one meter at any angle, it’s completely waterproof and reached MIL-STD-810G military standards. This robust mobile phone is the ultimate survival phone in any condition!

High Reliability:
This X-Tel can be operating in temperatures from -20 to 80 °C. This rugged mobile phone is made to be reliable under any circumstance or condition. With this phone you’re able to make calls or send text messages in any environment even in the critical or freezing cold conditions. The Gorilla Glass 2 is tough enough to withstand scratches or cracks by working in extreme conditions. You can easily use the X-Tel in very wet and extremely dry situations; for example on the sailing boat in Germany, while hiking in the mountains of Africa or in an industrial surrounding in France. The
X-Tel 3000 is built for it all and even more.

Easy Deployable:
The X-Tel 3000 is without doubts perfectly deployable in various markets. This rugged mobile phone is ideal for consumers who demand more then from a regular fragile mobile phone and this smartphone also service well for businesses and enterprises. The X-Tel 3000’s are and can be deployed within: environmental forestry, oil & gas, mining, energy, transport, industrial and construction sectors. This mobile phone is ideal for the purposes as maintenance or inspections and due to its durability there is a low “cost of ownership” and a long product lifespan.

SIM-Lock Free
Choose your favorite provider that fit your needs, requirements or pricing.
Don’t you like to be tied to one provider!? That’s why all X-Systems phones, smartphones and tablets are unlocked on our official web store. Just choose your own favorite provider that fits your usage like a sim-only contract or prepaid card and you are good to go. The X-Systems phones, smartphones and tablets supports EDGE, 2G, 3G, and with some models 4G networks. However X-Systems does not take any liability for the connection or reception of your telecom providers network and its range. Dual-SIM phones can use two different providers even from an other country, you can switch calls between your two telecom providers or switch between a private and business call with one single provider. The internet connection can only be taken from one provider of your choice.

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Additional information


• One X-Tel 3000 robust mobile phone • Headset • Home charger • USB cable • Screw-tool • Manual


• Extended memory



• Type of phone:

No nonsense extreme rugged & robust

• Phone protection:

IP68, Military Standard 810g

• Operating system:

Nucleus OS

• Display:

2.0”QCIF Screen

• Memory:

up to 32GB

• Sim Card:

Dual sim (850 / 900 / 1800/1900MHz)

• ROM:


• RAM:


• Flashlight:

LED intensity

• Camera:

0.3 Mega pixel

• USB:

Micro USB 2.0



• Battery:

2000mAh lithium battery

• Charging: input:

240V AC output: 5V DC

• Stand by time:

up to 15 days

• Working time:

62 hours

• Talking time GSM:

15 hours

• Working temp:



English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese simplified.


0.142 KG

• Dimensions:

124.5 mm length x 57.2 mm width x 20 mm thickness


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