X-Tel 3000

The X-Tel 3000 is a secure 2G enterprise phone. This secure mobile phone is specially designed for critical communications in extreme conditions. This ultra-safe 2G connected mobile has a strong rugged housing which is water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, freeze-, and shockproof. The secure mobile phone is equipped with Dual-SIM, LED flashlight, EDGE GPS connection, Bluetooth, keyboard with dial-buttons, camera, sunlight readable display and many more….


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Secure 2G Enterprise Phone:
Connect anywhere, this secure phone makes use of 2G Quad-Band connections that means the phone has global coverage which is ideal for business related travels. The primary benefit of 2G networks is that phone conversations are encrypted; 2G systems are significantly more efficient on the spectrum allowing for far greater mobile phone penetration level. All text messages sent over 2G are digitally encrypted, allowing for the transfer of data in such a way that only the intended receiver can receive and read it. Most 2G networks make use of a 64-bit A5/1 encryption to maintain a safe connection. This secure phone makes use of the following frequencies: 850, 900,1800,1900 MHz.

Enterprise Phone:
Mobile-fleet managers, construction-site foreman, and offsite supervisors can stay in quick contact with their team in virtually any conditions with this secure phone. If it’s important it can’t be missed, this secure phone offers the possibility of viewing dialed, misssed and recieved calls. It has enough internal capacity to storage a collection of 1000 text messages and contacts on this phone. Whatever the job requires, this phone can withstand all-weather conditions and any critical situation. Specially developed for extreme low pressure, temperature fluctuation, solar radiation, blowing dust- and rain. The phone provides a rubber non-slip exterior for secure hold and extra durability. This secure phone is a true professional enterprise terminal, it is designed to enhance the mobile workforce productivity and safety.

Ergonomic phone:
The secure 2G phone has an ergonomic design. It fits perfectly within your hands even with large hands or gloves. This ergonomic designed phone is perfect for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity in critical environments. This ergonomic design reduces the operator fatigue and discomfort holding. In addition this phone is equipped with ergonomically large key buttons for effective use and fast response.

Dual-Sim Mobile Phone:
This secure 2G phone is specially developed for the essential needs, such as calling and text messaging. This mobile has a Dual-Sim module. Shift effortless between two providers on this enterprise phone with Dual-SIM. Specially made for abroad journeys or if you need separate numbers to switch between work and private calls.

Keyboard phone:
The keyboard has extra-large and widely spaced keys for easily accessibility. The widely spaced, domed keys are easy to use with gloves. The keyboard has fixed dedicated keys for phonebook, recent calls SIM1, recent calls SIM2, LED flashlight, FM-Radio, silent and general sound profile. Next to these fixed dedicated keys there is also the possibility to set and adjust your own shortcuts. The shortcuts are standard set for viewing text messages, opening audio player, adjusting sound profiles and setting alarm. The keyboard is completed with background lighting for an optimized detailed view, even in the darkest surroundings. The buttons have enough space in between and has an easy answer/reject button. It’s also equipped with a practical flashlight button for direct access.

Noise Reduction Phone:
This secure enterprise mobile offers a noise reduction filter, it has built-in noise-cancelling functionality within its microphone. The background noise is filtered to have a more clear connection. No more troubles that you aren’t understandable. The background noise is automatically filtered, giving the microphone sound output only your clear voice. With this secure phone you always have a clear conversation even in crowded areas.

Long-Lasting Phone:
Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this retro designed phone has the power for days. It offers the opportunity to match on the personal and professional enterprise needs. This secure phone has a 2000mAh battery. This battery gives the device an extremely long stand-by time of more than 15 days. It has the battery longevity of an advanced system that still fits the pocket. This enterprise phone is perfect for businesses with its 15 days standby time and 62 hours working time.

Sunlight Readable Phone:
The X-Tel 3000 has a 2.0 Inch IPS display. The superior brightness and contrast display make this phone clearly readable in sunlight. The screen makes usage of IPS (In-plane switching) wide-angle technology, for an viewing experience from various angles. The Gorilla Glass is tough enough to withstand scratches or cracks by working in extreme conditions. This scratch and crack resistant glass gives optimal protection to the display.

Bluetooth phone:
Connect endless with other Bluetooth devices. This secure phone is equipped with a practical Bluetooth connection function. Establish a connection with other wireless devices that are Bluetooth enabled. Connect with a headset, wireless speaker or car kit. With Bluetooth you can connect this enterprise mobile within a few seconds to another Bluetooth device and stream the audio source. The Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters, so you can enjoy your freedom.

Rugged Phone:
This enterprise 2G phone is completely ruggedized. This secure mobile phone is made to be reliable under any circumstance or condition. It has a durable and robust design that can go easily two meter under water or withstand a drop from one meter at any angle. It can operates in temperatures from -20 to 80 ℃. The housing is water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, freeze-, and shockproof. You can easily use this phone in very wet and extremely dry situations; for example on the loading docks in Germany, while exploring the mines of Africa or at the industrial surroundings in Asia. With this secure phone you’re able to make calls or send text messages in any environment even in the most critical conditions. The X-Tel 3000 gives the highest grade of protection, it has reached MIL-STD-810G military standards and industrial grade IP68 / IPX8 ratings.

SIM-Lock Free Phone:
Choose the provider that fit your enterprise needs, requirements or pricing.
Don’t like to be tied to one provider!? That’s why this secure phone is unlocked. This phone accepts sim-cards of any provider around the globe. Simply choose the favorite provider that fits the enterprise usage; like a sim-only contract or prepaid card and the phone is good to go.

Easy Deployable Phone:
This enterprise phone is without doubts perfectly deployable in various markets. It’s ideally for businesses who demand more than just a mobile phone. The X-Tel 3000 2G secure mobile phone can be deployed within: environmental forestry, oil & gas, mining, energy, transport, industrial and construction sectors. This secure phone is ideal for the purposes as maintenance or inspections and due to its durability there is a low cost of ownership with a long product lifespan.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 20 cm

• One X-Tel 3000 robust mobile phone
• Headset • Home charger • USB cable
• Screw-tool • Manual


• Extended memory



• Type of phone:

Secure 2G phone

• Phone protection:

IP68, Military Standard 810g

• Operating system:

Nucleus OS

• Display:

2.0”QCIF Screen

• Sim Card:

Dual sim (850 / 900 / 1800/1900MHz)

• RAM:


• ROM:


• Memory:

up to 32GB

• Camera:

0.3 Mega pixel

• Flashlight:

LED intensity

• USB:

Micro USB 2.0



• Battery:

2000mAh lithium battery

• Charging: input:

240V AC output: 5V DC

• Stand by time:

up to 15 days

• Working time:

62 hours

• Talking time GSM:

15 hours

• Working temp:


• Languages:

English, Dutch, German, French,
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

• Dimensions:

124.5 mm length x 57.2 mm width
x 20 mm thickness

• Weight:

0.142 KG


Black, Orange


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