X-Tel 7500

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The X-Tel 7500 is a secure and encrypted smartphone. It sleek and thin of size, while having a ultra-durable housing which is water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, and shockproof. This enterprise smartphone is equipped with 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 4G+, Dual-SIM, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, 13.0 Mega Pixels, sunlight readable 4.7Inch IPS QHD display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, SOS Panic Button and many more…

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Secure 4G+ Smartphone:
This enterprise smartphone makes use of a secure 256-Bit encrypted operating system and various pre-installed security applications. The phone offers enterprise-grade secure communication functionalities. The smartphone is especially designed for security in combination with an user-friendly interface. It’s developed for workforce with strict security requirements in critical environments. It offers the possibility to communicate securely while being deployed in the field or when travelling abroad. The has controlled communication ports, strong authentication, software- and hardware encryption layers. This smartphone makes use of various cryptographic algorithms and has a secure key-management system to protect all confidential stored- as communicated data against interceptions of hackers and providers. The smartphone is made for people who communicate a lot and have very high security needs, it meets all the high demands on security, productivity and mobility.

Enterprise Smartphone:
Offsite foreman, mobile managers and smart supervisors can stay virtually in quick contact with their team with this secure smartphone. Whatever the tasks may require, this smartphone can withstand critical situations and any all-weather condition. The enterprise smartphone is specially built for data security, protected communication, extreme low pressure, temperature fluctuation, solor radiation, blowing dust- and rain. This enterprise smartphone operates as easily as using a normal mobile phone and communicates in top security manner. With this secure smartphone confidential enterprise information is only circulated among the workforce to who its intended for, in order to reduce the risk of leaks.

Ergonomic Smartphone:
The secure smartphone has an apricated ergonomic design. It fits perfectly within the hands even with large hands or gloves. This ergonomic designed smartphone is perfect for the work environment, intended to maximize productivity. The ergonomic design reduces the operator fatigue and discomfort holding. In addition this smartphone is equipped with ergonomically large answer and reject buttons for effective use and fast response on critical call.

Dual-SIM Smartphone:
A true 4G+ Dual-SIM secure smartphone. The Dual-SIM function offer the possibility to place two sim cards in the smartphone. Shift effortless between two providers on this enterprise phone. This smartphone can switch fast between a local and abroad number. The function is made for abroad journeys or if you need separate numbers to switch between work and private calls. The Dual-SIM functionality supports 4G and 3G sim capabilities. There is also the functionality to set a specific sim card on data roaming, meaning one sim card is used for calling and the other for internet based services.

QuadCore Smartphone:
Packed with amazing presentation. This secure smartphone has a Cortex-A53 Quad-Core processor with 64-bit architecture. The processor is asynchronous, which means that each core separately can go on and off. You get exactly the power you need and when you need it. Resulting in efficient multi-tasking. The fast four cores of the 1.3 Ghz processor makes this phone one of the fastest enterprise smartphones available. This processor is based on the Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) design strategy; enabling instructions to execute faster, as opposed to the Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC) design strategy. It’s the perfect enterprise smartphone for situations that demand fast response for mission critical tasks. This secure smartphone does everything much faster and it has enough horsepower to tackle every day’s usage. It has secure drivers without backdoors or open ports. It’s the mobile privacy at the speed of the light.

Safe Smartphone:
The smartphone is also very safe when it comes to public-safety within the organization. It has a very practical SOS-Panic button. This SOS-Panic button activates a stress signal. It providers notifications to a specific person or central monitor center. This SOS-Panic button is able to make calls automatically in order to sound an alarm. The panic button is attached to the side of the device and placed a bit lower than other buttons to prevent accidental activation. This SOS-Panic button is very practical in unstable areas or critical environments.

Noise Reduction Smartphone:
This secure smartphone offers an advanced noise reduction filter, it has built-in noise-cancelling functionality within its microphone. The background noise is filtered to have a more clear connection. No more troubles that you aren’t understandable with this smartphone. The background noise is automatically filtered, giving the microphone sound output only your clear voice. There is always a clear conversation even in crowded areas with this enterprise smartphone.

Long-Lasting Smartphone:
A enterprise smartphone with long-lasting battery. With this secure phone you can call, text, email and internet a full day without any recharging. The X-Tel 7500 enterprise smartphone has standard a 2800 mAh lithium battery and optionally an stunning 4500 mAh lithium battery! This enterprise has standard over 15 days standby time and 24 hours calling time. The housing protects the battery area against shocks and makes it waterproof.

Sunlight Readable Smartphone:
This enterprise smartphone has a 4.7Inch IPS QHD display with a durable Gorilla Glass 3 screen on top. The IPS functionality of this display offers a unmatched wide viewing angle enabling the user to easily share his screen with the surrounding crowd. Watch images four times stronger, wider and sharper then with a regular screen. The Gorilla Glass 3 brings ultimate protection. The third generation Gorilla Glass by Corning protects this smartphone against cracks or scratches by working in extreme conditions.

HDR Smartphone:
This phone isn’t only an encrypted smartphone built for privacy and security but also offers all the features an enterprise workforce demands to successfully complete their mobile tasks. This enterprise smartphone offers an advanced Sony CMOS active pixel HDR Camera, with a square pixel array. The camera provides 13.0 megapixels rear and 5.0 megapixels front image capabilities to capture high definition images. The next-generation technologies within this smartphone offers possibilities to take the brightest and clearest images or videos even in the night. The smartphone and camera are fully waterproof, which enables the functionality to capture photos and videos in rainy or underwater situations.

Extensive Smartphone:
Need to carry lot of data for work purposes, no worries. This secure smartphone has the possibility to extend the data capacity. Add additional MicroSD memory to save data, images, videos and applications. The MicroSD memory is supporting various data size cards, such as a 8GB, 16GB up to 32GB. The smartphone offers the capability to automatically transfer all files or applications to the external MicroSD card. When it’s full; simply take the MicroSD card out and connect it with the card reader from a computer or upgrade the MicroSD memory.

Bluetooth & NFC Smartphone:
This secure smartphone is equipped with a Bluetooth and Near Flied Communication functionality. Connect endless with other Bluetooth enabled devices. This X-Tel 7500 smartphone is equipped with a practical Bluetooth 4.1 connection module. Establish a connection with other wireless devices that are Bluetooth prepared. Connect with a headset, wireless speaker or car kit. The Bluetooth 4.1 module has a lower power consumption and an range of 10 meters, so you can enjoy the freedom.

Rugged Phone:
This secure smartphone is completely ruggedized. This secure mobile phone is made to be reliable under any circumstance or condition. It has a durable and robust housing that can go two meter under water or withstand a drop from one meter at any angle. It can operates in temperatures from -20 to 80 ℃. The housing is water-, dust-, vibration-, drop-, freeze-, and shockproof. With this enterprise smartphone you’re able to make secure calls or send encrypted emails in the most critical environments. This smartphone can easily be used in very wet and extremely dry situations. The X-Tel 7500 gives the highest standard of protection, it has reached military MIL-STD-810G/MIL-STD-461F standards and industrial IP68 / IPX8 certification.

SIM-Lock Free Smartphone:
Choose the provider that fit your enterprise needs, requirements or pricing.
Don’t like to be tied to one provider!? That’s why this secure smartphone is unlocked. Just choose the favorite provider that fits the usage; place a prepaid or sim-only contract card and the smartphone is good to go.

Easy Deployable Smartphone:
The secure smartphone is an important tool in keeping your enterprise mobility up and running, it’s made to protect confidential information and communication. This secure smartphone will operate in any critical situation even if it’s subjected to harsh environment. This encrypted and privacy based smartphone is the best choice to protect critical mobility which cannot afford downtime! The smartphone is extremely suitable for purposes as maintenance or inspection. It’s perfectly deployable in various sectors as: oil & gas, mining, energy, transport, industrial, healthcare, law enforcement, public security and defense. This secure phone has due to its durability a long product lifespan and low cost of ownership.

Additional information


• One X-Tel 7500 terminal • Headset • Home charger • USB cable • Screw-tool • Manual



• Protection:

IP68, Military Standard 810g

• Processor:

Quad-Core,1.3GHz CPU

• Display:

4.0 Inch HD Screen • Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 • Support 5 point touch

• Operating system:

Secure & Encrypted Android ASOP

• SSD:

up to 32GB

• RAM:


• ROM:

16 GB

• GSM:

2G/3G/4G/WCDMA 850 / 2100MHz

• Camera back:

8.0 HD Mega pixel

• Camera front:

1.3 Mega pixel

• Bluetooth:




• USB:

Micro USB 2.0

• Working temp:

-20 > 80c

• Battery:

2800mAh lithium battery

• Standby time:

up to 12 days

• Working time:

56 hours

• Charging input:

240V AC output: 5V DC

• Languages:

Dansk, Deutsch, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Eλληνικά, Pyccknñ, Arabic العَرَبِيةُ‎‎,

• Weight:

0.220 KG

• Dimensions:

140mm length x 75.8mm width x 16.3mm thickness


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