Robust Smartphone waterproof X-Tel 9000

Robust Smartphone waterproof

The robust Smartphone waterproof, I’m talking about the X-Tel 9000. This rugged Smartphone is extreme strong and perfect for hard circumstances. This robust Smartphone waterproof has a 8.0 megapixel back camera and a 2.0 front camera. With thanks to the storage of 32GB there’s enough place to save some documents.

Robust Smartphone waterproof and an excellent battery

The phone has a Military Standard protection en with the strong battery the phone can take 20 days on stand-by! So you are never without a Smartphone. This robust Smartphone waterproof is working on the operating system Android 4.4.2. The X-Tel 9000 is an awesome Smartphone.

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Robust Smartphone waterproofRobust Smartphone waterproof