Waterproof mobile GSM X-Tel 3000

Waterproof mobile GSM

A waterproof mobile GSM, shockproof and very easy to use. I’m telling about the X-Tel 3000. The X-Tel 3000 is specially designed for the outdoor. They focused on the firmness, safety and the ease of use. The firmness is very good at this waterproof mobile GSM, with It’s Military Standard protection is this waterproof mobile GSM almost unbreakable.

Waterproof mobile GSM and SOS emergency button

On the side of this device there is a SOS button. With this SOS button you can easy enabling a helpline. The phone is easy to use, it’s for example very simple to call of send a SMS. Nothing is to much for this waterproof mobile GSM.

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Waterproof mobile GSMWaterproof mobile GSM