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What is PGP?


What is PGP Security?

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, this is a software application that allows emails to be encrypted and decrypted with a digital signature withing PGP-messages which can only be seen by the sender and the receiver. PGP ensures that important and sensitive data are kept behind an wall of encryption. So that a conversation between two people- stays between two people.

When you are looking for a sucure PGP phone, then it is logical that you are wondering what is PGP? Since safety comes first. Trust is good, but security is crucial. That is why X-Enterprise has developed the ultra secure and private PGP cell phone = X-PGP 9900.


What are Secure PGP conversations?

Pretty Good Privacy is a software developed to ensure secure conversations. PGP works with keys that can encrypt and decrypt messages, files, partitions, images, etc. Each user has an encryption key that is public, so does each user has an private key. You encrypt a message and then send it to someone else using THEIR public key. Once received this person can decrypt it using their private key.

In theory encrypting an entire message can be time consuming, PGP has found a way that uses faster encryption algorithm to encrypt messages. It uses the public key to decrypt a shorter key that was used to encrypt the entire message, file, image or partition. The encrypted message and the public short key are send to the receiver who first uses the receiver’s private key to decrypt the short key. And then uses that key to decrypt the message.


PGP – Pretty Good Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy can be used to verify digital certificitaten and encrypt / decrypt text, email, files, folders and entire partitions. This is especially important when working with sensitive information.


What is PGP - X-PGP 9900