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Why use PGP?


PGP encryption

Reasons to use PGP

PGP that stands for “pretty good privacy” that ensures users of PGP a variety of protection. This protection is unfolded into encryption that are expressed as BITS- The more BIT-AES encryption you have. The harder it is to decrypt your messages.  With various encryption software it can take a while before a message is encrypted and sended.


PGP Encryption software

X-PGP makes it available to use a algorithm constructed in the software lets you encrypt and decrypt your messages, files, pictures in an instant.
With 256-bit AES encryption such a high usage of bit-AES has been proven that it is impossible to hack. Even the NSA does not have the proper power to attempt an hack on 256 bit-AES.

Why make use of PGP Encryption


PGP Encryption is a very safe and highly secured mailing service. This guarentees privacy and anonomity. If you are dealing with sensitive information or just a cititizen that is consired about your own privacy. X-PGP has different solutions with variable options for our clients that enables maximum usability combined with multi-protection.
With the X-PGP 9900 cellphone that is designed to function at it best in combination with PGP.

X-Enterprise PGP


X-Enterprise is a company dedicated to maximize privacy and security. X-Enterprise does not only provide secure messaging, we also offer X-Storage a crossplatform where everything is encrypted and multi-secured.  With X-Storage you can save your data, partitions, files, documents. This all under one secure roof that makes it flexiblity in usage and protection.